• Why join 100 Women Who Care?
    This is an exciting and empowering way to get involved with philanthropy in our community. We are encouraging a culture of giving and exposing our new members to a wide variety of nonprofits that they might like to be involved with. Members will also be introduced to a wonderful group of women who all have the heart to contribute to growing a better future, right here in Adams County.
  • What is my commitment once I join?
    When you join 100WWC, you’re committing to giving a minimum of $100 to a selected nonprofit once per quarter for one year. Your membership automatically renews unless you let the admin team know you would not like to renew.
  • Is meeting attendance mandatory?  
    While we hope you’ll be at all 4 meetings, conflicts can arise. It is your responsibility to follow through with your donation to the selected org and following up with organizers so that we can keep track of the total donation. If you have a planned absence, you are encouraged to drop off your donation check ahead of our event.
  • What if I cannot complete a year of giving after joining? 
    It’s our hope that you’ll be able to fulfill your commitment for the year, but if you are unable to do so, please let the organizers know. It’s helpful,  but not required, for you to find a new member to take your spot in the group.
  • How do we select the charity that will receive the donations? 
    Each member (and only members) can nominate one nonprofit per quarter. The names of 3 suggested nonprofits will be randomly selected during the event. The person nominating then can make a pitch of up to 5 minutes to explain why their particular cause should be selected. A secret ballot will be taken and the org with the most votes will receive all the checks.
  • Can multiple people nominate the same nonprofit?
    Yes, every member is able to make a nomination and it’s possible that members could select the same nonprofit. In the case that one nonprofit is selected more than once for our 3 finalists, admins will draw another name until there are 3 different finalists. Only one nominator needs to make the pitch to the group.
  • Which nonprofits are eligible? 
    Please visit this page [LINK] for a list of pre-screened nonprofits that are eligible for nominations and this link [LINK] for complete rules. Generally though, any 501c3 located in and serving Adams County, IL is eligible. No political or directly religious organizations (like churches) are eligible, and we discourage the nominating of organizations that can be deemed controversial. Other Service Clubs or organizations that exclusively regrant funds are not eligible.  If you have questions about this, or if you are interested in nominating a 501c3 not on the pre-approved list, you’ll need to talk with the administrators prior to the meeting and we will prescreen them for approval. Individual people or organizations without 501c3 status are not eligible.
  • Can I give more than $100 at the meeting?
    Sure! Please let us know if you’re writing your check for more than $100 so that we can keep the running total of donations made by the group up-to-date!
  • Are my donations tax deductible?
    Yes, donations to organizations are tax deductible. When you sign in to our event, you will have the option at the door to request a tax letter from the selected org.
  • Does the group restrict dollars to certain programs?
    In general, no. It is our belief that the 501c3 itself will use these funds in a way that furthers their overall mission and use the donation to fill their most pressing need at the time. The exception to this is that, while churches themselves are excluded from nominations, they may run a program such as a food pantry that is eligible for nomination. In that case, any gift would be restricted to the specific program.
  • How often can an organization win the group’s donations?
    After an organization has been chosen to receive the donations for the group, they are ineligible to be nominated again for a period of 3 years.

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